How to Maintain Your Optimism and Stay on Top of Your Healthy Mindset

January 15, 2020

Episode Transcript

Welcome to the self employed nerd, a mindset and marketing podcast to help budding entrepreneurs just like you, stay focused, productive, and profitable as you navigate this crazy roller coaster lifestyle of being self employed. I'm your host Herschelle Sanchez, and thank you for being here. Today. I've got some tips for you on the mindset piece and getting yourself focused for the new year.

This is actually a recording from a year ago that I used to help my students in the real deal business Academy get pumped up. So just wanted to share it with you because it's still applicable. I don't know if you know this, but most marketing and most mindset and most. Self-development, personal development stuff.

It's pretty much like universal. No matter what niche you're in, no matter what your offerings are, it really is just about you. Serving the way that you want to serve and helping the people that you want to help and going about it in a way where you're not killing yourself and you feel like you're, you're doing what it is that you set out to do, like the deep, deep stuff.

So personally, I'm not much of like a super hyped up person. Um, so I don't get loud and excited that often, uh, at least in front of other people. Like I might get super excited when I'm watching a, a movie. A Marvel movie by myself, but, uh, in front of other people. I'm pretty low key, but I do have a ton of helpful tips for those of you who are going through kind of a rough time and just need some strategy and some tips to apply to your own business and how you're running, how you intend to grow your business.

And, um, yeah, this'll be helpful if you just need some direction, some actionable steps. It's a follow through on so that you feel like you're gaining a little bit of ground and you're feeling stable in what you're doing to grow your business. So ideas in this episode include a resource that I use to listen to free eBooks.

So free audio books. It's totally legal. It's not one of those things where people are like illegally ripping CDs and posting them on the internet or anything like that. So. You're going to hear about that. I have a few books that I mentioned. Well, one book actually, so it's show your work by Austin Kleon and this sounds great.

If you're not sure what you should be posting on social media or if you struggle with sharing personal things for like one reason or another, right? We all have our thing where we're like, should I post this? Do people really care? And so if you're drawing a blank on things to post. This is a really good, easy read to pretty much like comfort yourself and realize that, Oh, it's not that hard.

And I forgot how easy, you know, sharing things on social media actually can be. So, uh, finally I share some daily routines, like affirmations and where I put them and how I do them. Uh, this is just a little piece of my current. A routine that I have. It's all obviously always evolving. So you can, you can use these, these strategies to create your own kind of routine in the morning to get yourself all like confident.

And in that place, mentally and in your heart where you need to, you know, you need to be there and you need to be in that frame of mind so that when you show up for your followers and the people who are considering work working with you and figuring out if you're the person for them, then you put your best foot forward and you're showing.

What a nice experience it'll be if they, you know, take the next brave step and start working with you. Uh, and then also in this recording, I go over this concept of collecting what I call happy evidence in your own life. So I think you're going to like it. Uh, enjoy. . Hi everybody. Happy Monday. If it's like the beginning of the week and we don't have any calls this week.

No, no particular, you know, event kind of things happen this way. But I did want to check in with you. Um, I know that some of you have said in the feedback that you've been giving me, that you want a little bit more mindset stuff. And so while I'm not a coach, um, I do do a whole lot of mindset work on myself.

And so I just wanted to give you some, some tips as far as like some of the things that I try. Um, I like to keep. A bunch of things going and I like to change it up a lot because I tend to get bored when I do something for too long. It's just my nature. So you're going to have to find a way that works for you.

But um, yeah, some, some tips for mindset and kind of keeping that high vibe thing. Cause I know that we were, a lot of us are going through some stuff right now. So, um, uh, first thing is that you should always be doing some kind of personal development. I like to mix it up between, I'm not sure. Not, not necessarily looking at all the business strategy stuff, like the really logistic practical kind of kind of things.

Because we all, we all kind of know what we need to do. We just aren't doing it. And so I like to, um, focus more on like the mindset stuff and the belief in yourself, the reading, the podcasting, whatever it is, you know, that whatever the best way is that you. You absorb information? Like for myself, I'm an auditory learner, so I do a lot of listening, either on audible or via my library.

There's a, there's an app called hoopla, H, O O P, L a. And, um, that's, if your library is in their database, then you might be able to get in there and get some free eBooks that you can listen to. I think you can check them out for like 21 days or something. So I can, I can post a link to that. I think it's hoopla

I think so. That's one thing I use. Um, of course I'm always. Borrowing books like every single week, multiple times a week from, from the library. I don't necessarily read all of them. Um, and I don't necessarily read every single book cover to cover because I get what I need out of it and then I do what I need to do.

Um, one thing that I'm working, I'm reading right now is actually part of a, a membership that I'm part of. Um, if you guys aren't familiar with them, Jesse and Marie of Northstar messaging and strategy, um, I'm part of their membership and they have a monthly book that we're all reading at the same time.

And this month. This month, it's this one. It's called show your work by Austin Kleon and I actually, I've read it before I read the digital version, or I borrowed this from the library before, so I've read it that way. But I, I recommend reading this one if you need some ideas on like what to share, um, in your content.

It's kind of, I mean, like, it's, it's a little bit of mindset, but it's also, it's very much like if geared toward artists. So the idea is like, if you're an artist, then what the heck do you post on social media and how do you get the word out about yourself so that people end up buying your work? But I think that it totally applies to entrepreneurs and online businesses in general, because we buy from people and we buy from people who we feel we have like some kind of relationship with.

We buy from people that we know. And so if you're drawing a blank on things that you can, that you can share on your social media channels, this is a really good book to go for. Okay. And it's actually an easy read like. Lots of pictures and not too much, and he's not too wordy. So if you, if you have the ability to go pick this up or get it from your library, then I recommend it.

Okay. And then last thing, um, I know with the, the mindset stuff, it can be kind of hard to, to keep it up every day. I know for myself, I do like affirmations. I do like the mirror work and talking to myself and all that kind of stuff to keep, to keep yourself up. Right. And so sometimes it's, it's a little, some days it's harder than others to keep that up and to remember that you have to do it and you can't just rush out the door and you can't just like get straight to work.

So what I like to do is have, you know, those daily routines. Um, and I have an ID TV episode that I can probably share with you guys that goes over how I do like my affirmations in the morning. Um, but another thing that I have. And I like to put things on my walls because, I mean obviously, but I like to put things on my walls because that's, those are the things I look at.

I happen to be a wall person. Um, I know that I never opened notebooks. I've, I have a planner that I barely ever opened because I have to open it and flip to the page. So find a format that works for you and uh, and go with that. Okay. For me, it's walls. Cause if it's right in front of my face and I have to look at it.

Um, some people really don't like things on their walls, so you're just going to have to find a way that works for you. So one of the things that I have been keeping up, um, is that I have this, it's just a clipboard and then this is just like scratch, uh, scrap paper that I had in my room. And it was just one of those things that popped up when I was decluttering and stuff.

But I call it my happy evidence page. And basically what I do is I.

It's garbage day. Uh, basically what I do is I write down happy evidence of whatever it is that I want. You know, cause, cause if you're, you've been doing the personal development kind of stuff, working on your mindset, then you know what you want and you know that a key. Part of, you know, actually getting it for yourself.

It's just so imagine getting it and to imagine that everything is falling into place and leading you toward that. Even if you're going through all kinds of crap right now, it's part of the process. Right? And so what I like to do is keep a, like a log of copy evidence that things are coming together. So every time something really cool happens or something unexpected or some just basically any kind of like really good news that I wasn't expecting or what I was expecting, whatever it is I added onto here.

And I don't have any specific prompts process. I just stayed. That was, that was cool. That's evidence that things are going well and I read it on here and so it's a, yeah, it's a mishmash of different things. It's like I'm free coaching via private message with someone that coached me for free via private message.

Um, I got a $3,000 business loan from a friend free head shots through. Um, a meetup that I went through too. So like, yeah, a lot of this stuff is like free stuff and I think that I wrote them down during a phase when I was, I was like, I don't have any money. And then I decided that you don't need money to get help.

And so it was like happy evidence that you don't need money to get everything, all the help that you need. Makes sense. So find, find your own version of this. If you go on to start with something like this, just write on a piece of paper. Put it on your wall, say happy evidence on it and then start logging good things that happen because they are, and sometimes it's hard to remember.

Okay. So, um, I will, I will look at me the links for hoopla and what was the other thing that I was going to give you? I'll go back and rewatch it. I can't, I can't remember right now cause you know, my brain is like. Yup. But um, you start one of these. Okay. And then work on your personal personal development and your mindset and whatever way that actually works for you.

Cause I know that you guys are really trying and you're reading and you're doing all the things and just stick to this stuff that actually works and feels good. You don't have to do anything right. You can't possibly do any mindset work wrong. It's all just a process. All right. And then know that I am here for you.

If you post anything in the group, if you're going through a hard time, go ahead and go live in the group or post about it or do whatever you need to do. And I will, we'll support you however we can. Okay. Thanks guys. All right, I'll see you in the group. So that was actually from a year ago this month. Uh, right now it's January, 2020.

And that, that was something that I shared with my students. And, uh, I'm glad to see that. It's like, it's still applicable. I know that a lot of you have. Responded well to mindset, uh, tips and. Yeah. I really think that this, the stuff doesn't change. Like you're always having to work on yourself. You're always having to kind of stay on top of where you are mentally, so that you can do the things that, if we're going to be honest, aren't really that hard.

You know, you start an email list, you pick a template for your website, you put in an hour of work, you know, every Monday or whatever it is, and then eventually you get there. But we get in her our own way. And so I hope that you're doing well. Um, just a few things. To recap that you may want to write down.

The resource that I mentioned was hoopla, so H, O P L a is where if your library is listed, and if they're not as suggested that you like, suggest it to them and ask them if they can be listed in the database on there. But, um, that's the one that I used to get lots of audio books for free, right on my phone.

Show your work by Austin Kleon. His name is spelled a. U. S. T. I. N. K. L. E. O. N. it's called show your work, and that's a nice, easy read that will help you see how easy it is really to come up with fun content for social media. I mean, honestly, you're probably overthinking it. And I hope that you'll just read that book so that you can see how important it is to share the personal things in your life that you feel are not.

Maybe you don't feel like they're that important to your listeners, but they really are. We want to hear about that stuff. We want to hear about the behind the scenes stuff, the stuff that isn't perfect, the stuff that doesn't have your presets or filter already put over it. Like we want to see the real iOS.

So that book is a really good one to pick up just to get yourself in that mindset. And then Leslie happy evidence is the practice that I created for myself. And I often teach to people who are having a rough time just seeing kind of like the silver lining of certain situations. And, uh, so happy evidence is something that I.

Honestly, I'll probably make it into a workbook or a challenger, maybe even of course. But if you're a fan of my planner pages, there is a box on each weekly spread where you can actually keep track of all the happy evidence that shows up in your life on that particular week. So it's kind of nice once you have a few weeks under your belt and then you can flip back and see on every single page that there was, you know, nice things happening.

And, um. In addition to that, I also do a happy jar, which is kind of the same thing, except I write down one piece of happy evidence on one single little piece of paper. So I have them all on separate pieces of paper with the date that they happened, and I put them in a jar and then I put them somewhere where I don't read them until new year's Eve.

And so it's a really nice practice to kind of rehash all of the nice things that happened in your life during a certain calendar year. And, ah, yeah, I got that from, you've probably seen it on Pinterest, right? The happy jar where you just write down nice things. I don't personally like to do the whole, like I have to write down one nice thing from everyday because I feel like it's important to allow yourself to have a bad day and not to have to force.

Optimism at the end of the day where you really just suffered a lot. Like I think yet you're just allowed to kind of sit with however you are each day. But if you do have a happy things that you can acknowledge in a healthy way, it's nice to keep track of them. So happy jar, happy evidence. And then they also show up on the weekly planner pages.

And I'd actually like to give you a copy. So if you would like your own copy of my principal weekly planner pages, go to and you can get the PDF download, which is available for free for a limited time. Honestly, these like these work so well for me and my students and anyone that I share them with.

So they work so well that I'm eventually going to make them into a paid product. But if you're listening to this live. And you're following along. Then in the meantime, go grab your free copy, and you can go and download the PDFs there. So that's hit for today. Come join the free visa group.

If you want to chat about this or any other episode of the self employed nerd. If there's a particular topic you'd like me to cover. Or a specific question about marketing your business in your unique industry? The short answer is that marketing is universal and you probably have all you need, but I know that it's a little more complicated than that when it's your business and your life, right?

So I want to help you apply some best practices and get the help that you need to get up and running. So we can do that in the group. Just head over to the self employed you'll see the link where you can join the group there and till next time everybody take care.

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