Don’t give up on your business!

October 31, 2022

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If some part of you really wants to keep going despite being burned out, in this episode I offer an alternative to shutting it all down.

Being a small business owner might feel like it’s taking its toll and feeling a lot more complicated than it did at the beginning. You may want to give up on it for personal or financial reasons.

Every business is as unique as the person who’s running and scaling it. You have options! Listen in for some friendly advice and encouragement for mission-driven solopreneurs and what the next best step may be for you.

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Welcome to a compassionate side hustle strategy hosted by me, Rochelle Sanchez. I'm a business designer and mindset coach and I help side hustling, solopreneurs like you quiet your inner drama and build compassionate systems that allow you to show up consistently and authentically in your business.

No matter what culture you were raised in, your current setbacks, economic status, or internal struggles, you deserve to do what you love for a living.

So let's go together! and find that next best step for you on your business journey.

Have you ever run out of steam in your business?

One of the options I give my ongoing (month-to-month) clients is the opportunity to “reset.” It basically means that although we know each other well, they’ve been paying for my mentorship for a while, there are already probably several projects in motion and under ongoing development… there’s always the chance to hit the metaphorical restart button.

Just like you have one on your laptop. Or on your phone. Or on your Playstation.

We get to pretend that you have one for your business.

Because running a business is messy. It can get confusing. It can stir up a lot of inner drama in you, where you start to realize things about yourself and the world, and suddenly your business seems a little more complicated than just, “I’m gonna sell this thing and hopefully make money off of it.”

Your business starts to feel more important to you. Or maybe way less important, depending on what kind of burnout you have.

Being a small business owner might feel like it’s taking its toll, and like I said, feeling a lot more complicated than it did at the beginning. And of course it’s a lot tougher than it looks on the outside and on the highlight reels on social media.

So this concept of the reset button is a chance to hypothetically shut it down and then start up again, and it’s incredibly useful when I offer it to my clients who feel stuck, bored, or overwhelmed with what they’re building.

While I’d love to have you join us (because obviously I can give better input and help you a lot more on a personal basis rather than a blog or podcast episode like this), you don’t have to be working with me personally to hit the reset button for yourself an your business.

So let’s see what that looks like in your case.

First of all, what does “hitting the reset button” mean for you? I’ve got three examples of it that I’d like to share with you, with some context for each kind of reset.


  1. Trying something completely new, from scratch.

  2. Re-working a current idea to purposely make it different.

  3. Re-affirming a current idea and re-committing to it in a deep way.

And I’ll talk about each one.

Hitting the reset button could mean:

  1. Trying something completely new, from scratch. Not starting a brand new business, just adding in a new project that you’re genuinely interested in, because it’s new.

    • Maybe you’ve been sitting on a book idea, and you have a really good feeling that now is the time to make that new thing part of your product suite, or at least a substantial part of your bigger business plan.

    • Or if you’re getting really worn out from creating content, maybe it’s time to switch gears in the technical sense. So you could try a completely different platform for 3 months, just to experiment. Maybe you’re fed up with fighting the Instagram algorithm and you want to try Linkedin. You could do that.

    • An example in my own business might be that I’m getting bored because I’m not learning anything new in my own business. So I’m actually looking into learning how to build a web-based app that I can use with my clients instead of using Google Docs and Google sheets like I do right now.

  2. Re-working a current idea but kind of taking a step back and seeing how a bit of a course correction might help spark some new life into it. Taking this approach is helpful if you’re burning out and kind of bored with your business right now. And you don’t feel like you’re making progress in the way that you want to.

    • Imagine your business is someone else’s business, and you just acquired it. You bought it, you inherited it, whatever. If you’ve got a competitive personality, it may help to say, “Okay, what did this business do in the past? That’s good, that’s bad, that needs to stop completely. And actually, I can do that even better.” And then we run with what you come up with, instead of dwelling on perfecting or nitpicking things that are already set up and not serving you well after all.

    • An example from my own business would be when I shifted from being a virtual assistant to being a business designer. I saw that the VA services sold, but I also knew that a lot of them were short-lived because the person who hired me was focusing on the wrong things. So I now have my own virtual assistant, and I provide coaching and guidance, coming from someone who has been a VA in the past and knows what people tend to get confused about when they’re outsourcing.

  3. The third option is simply coming back to the same idea you’ve had all along, and reaffirming or recommitting to it. This could happen after you feel like you gave up or failed your business, but you return to it to try again.

    • Usually this kind of reset involves doing the dreamy, big picture visualization. You can do visualization meditations, or dedicate some time to creating a brand new vision board, or adding or editing the vision board you already have and refer to. This is a good opportunity to take out those spiritual practices that help you connect to your purpose, whether that’s your card readings, or meditating, or going on an unplugged retreat by yourself for a weekend just to create a clean slate for better decision making.

    • I also recommend, for this kind of reset, having a consult or extended conversation with someone who can give you an outsider’s perspective on what you’ve got going on in your business. I recommend either a business coach or a trusted friend who you can rely on to boost up your morale and tell you the truth about what they’re hearing. Because sometimes you’re just too close to the work you’re doing, and so it feels really frustrating or stagnant, and that makes you feel stuck.

So those are the three kinds of resets you might do in your business, especially if you feel like you’re about to give up.

Either diving into a project within your business that’s completely new and makes you feel alive and interested again. This is especially helpful if you’re multi-passionate and when projects have run their course, they really are over for you. Nothing wrong with it. It’s not quitting. It’s just time for you to take what you’ve created and create the next big thing in your life.

There’s re-working a current idea, and being kind of competitive with yourself on improving it as if it’s someone else’s project that you acquired. Sort of that “I can do it better,” vibe. I don’t want to stop, or I’m not ready to give up on this quite yet and I want to take it to the next level.

And finally, you can reaffirm your current business as it is and recommit to it. Take a big step back and do the deep work to remember why this business means so much to you to begin with, usually with the help of a friend or business mentor.

So now the question is: What are your next steps? You’re reading/listening to this for a reason. Based on your current circumstances in your own life, and the way your own business is going, what kind of reset do you need?

I strongly recommend sitting down for a consult and talking out your decision with someone else who will give you valuable feedback. I’m here for you and would love to work with you if it seems like a good fit. Otherwise, I wish you tons of success on your next steps as you push the reset button in your own business.

See you next time!

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