The Down and Dirty on Running an Online Service-Based Business

May 28, 2017

online business is hard

Hey guys!

💥Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all of my United States Biz besties! I hope you're having a relaxing time with people you love. Thank God for my country! I love living here and I'm so thankful for the safe life I have thanks to our brave men and women in uniform. 🇺🇸

Who else is overrun with temptation to purchase ALL OF THE Memorial Day promotions? Somebody hide my wallet!! 👛

(Not that that will help. All CC info is saved into my computer.)

But anyway, moving on!

I'm going through my own transformation over here and wanted to give you all an update! 😀

I'm making the (somewhat painful) transition from being a service provider to being a teacher. I really love teaching and making my own courses.

Like, REALLY really.

I also had to take a hard look at who I want to work with and what I stand for.

Here's where I'm at:

I feel like there's a huge gap in the online business world between “normal” everyday people who are just starting out and the “big bucks” people who can manifest the shit out of anything within 30 minutes.

I know there isn't THAT much of a difference, but there certainly is a divide.

I want to be that influencer to brings online entrepreneurship into my real world:

  • The world where people are standing in line at Home Depot.
  • The world where people are looking for the $0.99 cent gift bags at Walmart.
  • The real world where people really are suffering and unhappy and have no idea that all this opportunity exists online.

I want to be able to turn to a real-life friend and say “actually it's totally possible” without her thinking I'm brainwashed and following a pyramid scheme.

I want to be able to manifest money for OTHER people.

That being said… I can't do EVERYTHING.

So I'm still focusing on the technical aspect of online business + marketing strategy (the parts I LOVE! 💚💚)

The hardest part so far has been letting go of focusing on budget-strapped newbies.

I've learned that I can't spend all my time convincing people that business takes money.

Not tons of money, mind you — I don't subscribe to the “You have money mindset issues, so let's put thousands on your credit card so that I can pay off the thousands someone made me put on MY credit card.” It's a weird, neverending cycle that I just don't get.

But yes, investing is crucial.

Probably even MORE important than that is the simple feeling of SURRENDER that it takes to sit back, say “I need help” and accept it when it arrives.

I like putting out crazy-affordable offers that directly solve peoples' problems. Like right now I'm promoting my $97 course on Facebook Group promoting strategy and sweetening the deal with 1:1 skype calls, copywriting help, and email support for FREE.

It's truly a package that feels close to my heart, and at least I know that I've put it out there.

If only a handful of people are brave enough to dig in and get things done this month, that is perfect.

If I'm overrun with 1:1 calls, copywriting edits, and a hundred personal emails to read each day, then that is perfect, too!

(This is my version of loving my life and being at peace with whatever God throws at me.)

How about you? Are you truly at peace with how you're running your business?

Update me!

What has been the hardest lesson you've learned in your business, lately?

​I believe in you!


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