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Cozy, Creative Catalyst

Hello, visionary!

Is it time to clarify the next best steps for you and your business?

Let's create a plan with strategic, purposeful tasks you actually want to implement!

In Cozy, Creative Catalyst, I'll help you go from overwhelmed, embarrassed, or STUCK to calm, clear, ready to implement the steps in your custom road map with ease!

If you've been bullied by coaches into doing things for your business that didn't match your core values and pushed to extend yourself far outside of your comfort zone (emotionally or financially) in the name of someone else's proven "plan,", I get it. 

That's why I created this offer to serve gentle, insightful, and compassionate founders like you and me. We're in this, together! (I often describe myself as "feelingsy," because that's how  I am!)

As a business owner, it's so important to practice self care as you take those courageous next steps that will get you to the next level. I believe in giving yourself time to think and feel deeply as you absorb new ideas that will get you closer to your personal and professional goals.

Bringing your whole self on board (not just you in a hectic crunch to get #allthethings done, because someone told you to) will be more likely to help you stay accountable and focused over the long term.

That's why I've built in a full week of reflective "feeling" time before we creatively design your roadmap together.

It's time to stop struggling with marketing and back end systems/organization, and start getting visible as the changemaker you truly are!

You bring the vision, I'll create a cozy space for you to dream big, and together we'll design a plan to give your business the momentum it needs to accomplish your long term goals. 

Your dreams are safe with me!

Here's how it works!

We'll get together for a no rules, no limits 60-minute Cozy Chat where you can speak freely about your dream business (long-term) and how you'd like to see it take shape over the next few months.

You'll have a full week to fully reflect and absorb the vision and the experience of having someone witness and validate it for you. We'll be in touch via email if you have any additional  ideas or realizations.

One week later, we'll meet for a 60-min Creative Strategy Session and put together a plan based on your personal goals and brilliant ideas. Within 48 business hours you'll have a road map for your business (an instruction manual, of sorts!) with next best steps, custom designed with your implementation style, core values, and personality in mind.

Cost: $1200.00 USD

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Not sure yet? Schedule a call with Rochelle to discuss your options.

Things some nice people have said about working with me...

Amazingly insightful. She is the person to go to if you want your online business 'pulled all together.' She has a knack for making the tech stuff make sense and the marketing easy (and really effective.)

Rochelle has a knack for taking big, impossible ideas and breaking them down into bite sized pieces for entrepreneurs like me who get overwhelmed with all the possibilities. She has thoughtfully listened to my struggles and helped me find solutions based on my particular circumstances.

Step-by-step Instructions for my ADHD friends :)

  • Step 1: Fill out an application to work 1:1 with Rochelle in Cozy, Creative Catalyst. The application contains several questions about your business goals and current struggles. You will need to agree to the terms of service.
  • Step 2: You'll receive an email response from my team and a payment link. Make your payment online. Choose an appointment time and for your 45-min Cozy Chat with Rochelle, where we'll talk, dream, and envision the best version of your business, ever!
  • Step 3: After you've made your payment and scheduled your first call, you'll be sent a link to book your 60-min Creative Strategy Call with Rochelle.
  • Step 4: Take some time for self-care before our call. You made a smart investment and this was a power move you just made for yourself! High five, solopreneur!