Uh... why is Rochelle livestreaming herself working?

Hi there! Not familiar with virtual co-working streams?

Basically I'm doing my own work (for school, for personal learning, for work) live on the internet and inviting you to do your own work with me. 

I'm easily distracted and I won't sit down to do certain types of work unless I have to. So I'm streaming for my own accountability, really. (Livestreaming is one way to trigger that "you have to" feeling for me.)

How it works:

We work in 50 min sprints. (See the timer on screen?) 

I'll work on my stuff and you work on your own stuff. Simply type something in the comments to let me know you're joining in. (Or don't! In the livestreaming world we call that a "lurk" where you're viewing but not interacting, and it's perfectly fine, too.)

I play lively background music, but you're welcome to mute me if you'd like. Just keep an eye on the time because you won't be able to hear break announcements.

During the work sprint, I won't be talking or interacting except for a quick wave or welcome via typed response. I suggest you do the same!

At the 10 min mark, I'll announce that it's time for a mandatory break.

During breaks I stand up, walk around and stretch, and then come back to chat with anyone who's watching for the remainder of the 10 minutes. Then we do it again!

Make sense? Welcome to my co-working stream.

I hope you find the time productive and encouraging.