Convertkit’s New Name is “Seva” & My Thoughts On It

July 2, 2018

Convertkit's changing their name to "Seva"

Update as of July 28, 2018: Seva (formerly Convertkit) decided to change back to Convertkit. Here's my *facepalm* response and also why I don't mind:


Original post:

I approve of the new, more direct branding. Here are my thoughts on Convertkit's new name:

The new name is “Seva,” which apparently means “selfless service.”

Personally, I actually don’t care for names, that much. They could call it CreatorFrogWaterslide for all I care and I’d still be happy.

What's in a name?

I’m not big on names (in fact it’s one of my pet peeves when people keep themselves stuck by dwelling so long on names and titles) so honestly? In this case, I don’t mind.

convertkit new name
Photo Source: Convertkit's Twitter Feed

I do, however, love the idea of selfless service and leaning into that niche.

Even if it hasn't been the case for other people, in my personal experience with two years of Convertkit use, it's always been apparent that that they really are all about much more than just email funnels.

I have a Convertkit shirt that says “Teach Everything You Know” on it that I got for free from them, and I’m still not sure why, honestly. I just know that it's really comfortable and I love wearing it even though I don't get paid to.

The market is saturated with hustle, profit, systems and processes and credit clutching right now so it’s actually nice to have a place for us intuitive, touchy-feely, creative types to step out for a bit and creatively talk about our intuitive touchy-feely-ness without all the super logical stuff throwin’ off our groove.

So, as simple as “We have a new name and this is what it means” may seem, simply having a software company saying “we know you well, we’re here for you, not them” (meaning they’re here for creators and not to dominate the tech industry)  is pretty comforting.

On that note, I honestly don’t actually care what the new name means. Because most software (and I came from the tech support sector, so I would know!) requires some kind of explanation.

The name “Convertkit” was confusing because it implied some kind of “kit,” that you purchase and put together.

Now I can say “I use Seva” and it’ll require the same amount of elaboration as saying “I use Trello.”

They really do provide excellent customer service.

I have had many back-and-forth conversations with their team (particularly Alexis, the affiliate manager) with tech issues. They host more affiliate opportunities and training webinars than i can even keep up with (and I move pretty fast in my business!).

For me, it’s worth it to pay $29 a month to save myself the trouble of asking “Is anyone having trouble with Convertkit today” in 5 different Facebook groups (and maybe get one iffy answer and start 4 debates on why MailerLite is better than Convertkit. Apparently choosing your email service provider is a touchy subject for people!)

The final reason I like the change is that it’s a clean slate. They’re starting anew. They’re celebrating who they really are and what they stand for, which is a growth spurt that many business owners have to go through at some point during your own awkward teenage phase of the journey.

I’m sure that you’ve had plenty of moments where you felt like the content you have “out there” in social media land doesn’t necessarily represent what you know you’re all about, now. This shows you that that kind of realization, transformation, and overhaul happens at all levels.

Divine Timing

And also…  this comes in divine timing for me, because revamping my FREE Convertkit training for my Convertkit affiliates  was on the docket for this Fall, anyway! So yay!

How about you? Do you like Convertkit's new name? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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