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Virtual Assistant Help for Therapists

Hi there! I’m Rochelle! I know that during this COVID-19 situation, many of you therapists are looking for some help getting your practice set up online so you can continue meeting with your clients. I’m based in California, and I’ve been doing virtual assistant work for life coaches, therapists, and empaths since 2016 and would […]

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Never Enough MONEY or TIME? How to re-frame your expectations of yourself and your business.

Transcript​Hi guys. It’s Rochelle and over in The Studio, if you’re not familiar, that’s my group program where I’m taking people basically through all the steps that many, many CEOs have had me do as a project manager and as a virtual assistant in the last few years that I’ve been doing this. And so basically […]

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Episode 9 – Visibility Struggles: How to Overcome Your Personal Obstacles and Get More Exposure For Your Business

In this episode, what to do if:

​You feel like you’re just not ready (not qualified, not experienced)
You still need to work on your branding before you get started
You’re not feeling it. You’re lacking motivation. Or you’re shy and don’t want to put yourself out there.
You’re not even sure where to post. Where should you spend your time?

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