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Episode 3 – We Do It for the BENEFITS: The Perks of Self-Employment and Why Everyone Should Start a Business

Why I’m passionate (read: obsessed) with self-employed and getting everyone to at least try it Welcome to the self employed nerd podcast. This show is for you nerds out there, making the transition from having your life revolve around a nine to five that let’s be honest, you don’t like nearly as much as you […]

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Episode 2 – When It Comes Down To It, Why Bother? How To Get Engagement On Social Media

Welcome to episode 2 of The Self-Employed Nerd with Rochelle Sanchez! This is a sneak peak training into what it’s like to get 1:1 mentorship and coaching with me, personally, via my group program, The Real Deal Business Academy. Stuck in a soul sucking job? Want to have deeper conversations? Noticing that no one’s really […]

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Episode 1 – Spoiler Alert: Working For Yourself is Fantastic, Terrible and Still Worth It

Join the online community! TRANSCRIPT 0:00 Welcome to The Self-Employed Nerd! This show is designed for those of you out there who are at the decision crossroads of either living the rest of your life as a nine to fiver, or, as a stay at home parents. Let’s walk together through this crazy roller coaster […]

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