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Episode 7 – Does your business suck? Here’s some encouragement to keep you from giving up too soon.

If your business seems to be sucking the life out of you instead of giving you FREEDOM like you were expecting, it’s okay. You’re not doing anything wrong. You may just need a bit of encouragement and a reminder that what you’re going through is completely normal!Can social media actually make us feel HAPPIER? Is […]

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Episode 6 – Exhaustion, Injustice, Your Inner Child, and Re-Framing Your Longterm Business Goals

Raise your hand if you’re exhausted. You’re not alone, and it won’t be the last time you groan and say “I don’t have time.” Being self-employed is not about the immediate rewards (obviously… at the beginning anyway!) but I hope you’re keeping your spirits up. This week I’ve released Episode 6 of The Self-Employed Nerd, […]

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Episode 5 – Social Media Through The Years and Being a Multi-Passionate Newbie Entrepreneur

Whatever impact you want to make on the world, let’s do it! You’re more ready than you think! (And yes, the older you are, the better!) This episode is a look at my entrepreneurial journey, for those of you who are curious! From math/art to cum laude graduate in architecture school, Beginning Hip Hop Dance […]

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