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Uplevel Your Life: Courageous Conversations with Elaine Dizon

Elaine Dizon (she/her), Life and Mindset CoachElaine and I share an eerily similar traumatic loss that happened long ago. She shares about processing through therapy, the steps she took and the exact words she used when a conversation needed to happen with her son, and an important dialogue that helped keep the bond of friendship […]

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3 Decisions That Will Help Overachiever Perfectionists to Uplevel

Description and Show NotesIf you feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels and burning yourself out, but your overachiever perfectionist personality doesn’t understand why it’s not working, here are 3 Decisions to make as the CEO of your business that will help put an end to the chaos. Because “working on your business” doesn’t always […]

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Going Full Time With Your Side Hustle and Setting Boundaries with Rachael Maestas

Special guest Rachael Maestas (she/her) shares her journey from toxic nonprofit and government work to taking the big leap and going full-time with her side hustle. We chat about making that scary decisions and how she knew it was time to jump and also about the importance of boundaries as a service-based business owner. Rachael is […]

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3 Ways to Tackle Engagement Problems on Instagram

Hey, everyone, welcome back to Compassionate Side Hustle Strategy. My name is Rochelle Sanchez, and we’re here to talk about different ways that you can have a little more compassion for yourself and for your business and for your mission and for your clients while you’re trying to build your Side Hustle.So that eventually (and […]

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