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How to Set Goals That Match Your Bandwidth Right Now (so you can actually achieve them!)

Should you set goals in 2021? Rochelle says no, at least not the way you have in the past. Well, January 2021 is unfortunately (or fortunately?) already quite the rebel. Instead of the cliche, “New Year, New Me!” bullsh*t, we’re being not-so-subtly reminded that life is complicated. Way more complicated than setting a goal, picking a […]

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How to Be Self Employed for Dummies

 Wondering what it takes to be self-employed? Have you seen friends online sharing their rags to riches stories, and met people at company fundraisers who are business owners, working for themselves, and living it up? Maybe you’re thinking:I don’t have enough time to work a full-time job AND build a businessI have kids and a family […]

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