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How to Be Self Employed for Dummies

 Wondering what it takes to be self-employed? Have you seen friends online sharing their rags to riches stories, and met people at company fundraisers who are business owners, working for themselves, and living it up? Maybe you’re thinking:I don’t have enough time to work a full-time job AND build a businessI have kids and a family […]

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How an Introvert Gets a New Job

Heyyyy! Remember how last week I told you I had some stuff to share about being an introvert? The truth is: I like being home. I’ve been embarrassed of that and avoided admitting it because I grew up with the idea that the whole point of being an adult is to get a long-term job, […]

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Saying Good bye: Quitting Fitness and Moving On

Hello lovelies!! This week I had to make a tough but necessary decision and announcement in my private facebook group, The Weekly Uplift. And to be honest I’m really glad it’s nowhere near April 1st because I can imagine you saying “Haaa, April Fools Rochelle! Suckaaa!’ We’re shutting down the facebook group and… pretty much saying […]

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