Business Design for BIPOC Visionaries with Rochelle Sanchez

Why work with Rochelle?

As a business designer, I use a compassion-first method to simplify your visibility strategy and create systems that will make outsourcing easier (and more affordable) when you're ready to grow.

I took what I learned about integrating systems, design, and production in college (I graduated cum laude from an accredited architecture program) and became a technical virtual assistant in 2016. After working with clients from a range of industries (dentistry, public speaking, travel advising, book publishing, life coaching, therapy, chronic disease, etc.) I noticed a pattern that many entrepreneurs needed MORE than just getting all the small tasks done: they needed the strategy behind it, so the tasks wouldn't just pile back up again. 

It's important to balance the hands-on work as well as the bigger, long-term vision.

Too much task-oriented work and suddenly you're behind schedule and resenting how much went into this so-called, "dream business" of yours, only to drain that inner fountain of positive, hopeful energy you had at the beginning of your journey.

On the other hand, too much theory, reading, learning, and investing can leave you cynical, stuck, or moving at a snail's pace without ever really putting yourself out there and achieving your goals. That's not what we signed up for!

It's about finding the balance that works for you!

Most, if not all, of the action steps I assign during consults I've either already done for my own business or helped another entrepreneur implement into theirs.

Let's focus on:

  • keeping things simple, because systems and tech should make your work easier, not harder!
  • staying inspired by the big vision that drew you into entrepreneurship in the first place
  • finding a marketing and visibility strategy that works for you, as the unique, multi-faceted, creative human you are
  • surrounding yourself with YOUR people: the ones who get why you've chosen this career path and believe in the power of uplifting small businesses.

So, what kind of help do you need?

I can help you:

  • design a marketing & visibility plan
  • strategize a low-cost passive income funnel
  • streamline back end processes like hiring and on-boarding your first virtual assistant

    ... and more!

I offer one-time consultations and one-week intensives.

Rochelle's services are available to open-minded, inclusive people. We believe in rights for the LGBTQIA+ and disabled communities, respecting transgender & non-binary pronouns, fighting against systemic racism, and that Black lives matter.