Basic Sales Funnels (Low-Tech!)

January 19, 2018

You DO have a funnel, and I can prove it!

I made this video for my members over in the Facebook community in hopes that it will show you how simple a sales funnel really can be.

If you've even made ONE dollar, you've got a sales funnel. If you feel like it would be relatively easy to make a dollar (and you better!) then you have a funnel, you're just not nurturing it. And the good news is that that can be fixed!

You don't need every tool under the sun and you don't need to know exactly how tool 1A integrates with tool 12J. Just know who you want to work with, have some fun, and make it clear that they can hire you and get amazing results!


Comment below: If you need help figuring out what YOUR funnel is, share it below and I can help you figure out which part isn't working.

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