Basic Elements of Your Website

March 4, 2018

Your website doesn't do your marketing for you.

You know this -- simply having a website doesn’t line people up to buy from you during your next launch. Unless you happen to have expertise as an SEO genius and you’ve optimized your site to bring in hundreds of ideal prospects every day, you’re still going to have to drive traffic to the website. So, keeping in that in mind...


Make the following two assumptions when it comes to your website:

  1. That anyone who visits your site already has the problem you solve, and is looking for validation that you’re the right person for the job.
  2. And that they are already tired of making decisions on their own! Don’t give them too many choices. Keep it simple!

These are people from Facebook groups, or people who watch your IG story, or people who listen to you on a podcast,  or coaches who truly appreciate your particular freebie in that collaboration bundle.

So let’s make sure your website is ready to go when they visit. Sound good?



Home Page

This is your one-shot opportunity to answer that question - “Is she the right person for me to hire?”

You want the answer to this question to be “Is she the right person for me to hire? ... yep! [click] [click] [click]”


“Is she the right person for me to hire?.... Well, she has two children and they went to Disneyland. And this dog’s cute. And she started this after two other businesses, and she loves her life, and she’s saying the same thing the other two life coaches said on their websites, so, oh yea what's for dinner, I should look up that recipe … [exit] ”

Make a statement across the top of your website: Be CLEAR.

Tell them how they benefit from working with you. Make sure the benefit is something a real person told you they need, word-for-word.


Opt-in, Freebie, Lead Magnet, List Builder

You know this already, but your email list is essential to the longevity of your online marketing plan. As long as you intend to use the internet to grow your business (aka -- you would rather not stand on a corner and hand out flyers to grow your audience) then you need to have an email list.

Put the opt-in on your home page, and again -- be clear on why it’s a  no-brainer to sign up and download it.


About Page

This is one of the most important pages on your website -- but not because you lay it all out and tell them your life story. You can have a little bio at the bottom if you’d like, or you can even have a link to “Our Story” in the sidebar.

Use your About Page to further answer the question -- “Is she the right person for me to hire? Does she understand my struggle, or does she just to talk about herself all day?”

They’re making sure they relate to you, and that you’ll understand the struggle they’re going through.


Service / Work With Me

In a perfect world, everything on your website will be pointing to ONE ideal way to work with you. If you can’t stand to only offer one service, narrow it down to two categories -- DIY and 1:1.

Remember -- we’re keeping things simple for your website visitors. Don’t let them get lost! Keep it so simple it’s almost too simple.

(Simple = no brainer = "Okay I get, sign me up!")


Tip! Here's a Helpful Thought Process:

Why are YOU the best person to help your ideal client? Use this opportunity to explain why the answer should be "Um...YES. She can help me!" when they visit your revamped website. 

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