A 10-week Boot Camp to Make Progress, Make an Impact, and Make Money

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This is a sales page and you're interested in buying.

Yes, I just wrote that on purpose.

A very in-your-face, point-blank statement above the fold (which is a fancy way of saying “before you have to scroll"), where the most precious real estate is located on ANY landing page you create for your business.

That's how certain I am that I can help you.


You're realistic.

A "no more BS" type who just wants me to tell you.

You want strategy, action steps, and results.


You're ready to work and get yourself out there and have a real business already.

You're here because you're curious about the boot camp, right? 

Here it is. Straight and simple. (Rochelle-style!)

The Authority Accelerator

A 10-week Boot Camp to Make Progress, Make an Impact, and Make Money.

It's a straight-talk, no-BS incubator for ambitious (and pragmatic) business builders like you. 

We start on April 9th and it’s FREE to all members of The Real Deal Business Academy. 

Apply Now! Plans start at just $50/month. You in?



You'll experience how each weekly theme and action step will help you establish yourself as an authority in your field.


Because let’s face it… you need it. No more messing around. Check in, ask for the nudge, ask for help, and let’s make some amazing shit happen.


How to balance your REAL life, and how this business you’re building may come into play. The best way to snuff out distractions is to face them head-on & acknowledge how your #bossmode status affects your everyday life and relationships.


Every week you’ll get super brownie points for completing a somewhat uncomfortable task that will move the needle forward toward making more sales.


Juggling & Scheduling
Owning Your Expertise
Content Planning (let's make a plan and DO it)
Imposter Syndrome
Getting Visible (for real, this time)
Making it Real (Not Hypothetical or “In Progress" anymore!)

+ Two implementation weeks to get caught up (or take a breather. Because, you know… life.)

Not to mention...

FULL access to all the RDBA training on Email marketing, video batching, mindset, marketing roadmaps, and recordings from previous peer expert workshops.

You've almost reached the end of the sales page.

At this point, I could...

  • Badger you with more guilt trips (and I’m asian… I know a thing or two about guilt tripping) 
  • Hit you up with some “larger than life and almost suspiciously infomercial-like that they make you a bit suspicious” testimonials (which I do have, but I know they don’t work on pragmatic people like you so I won’t shove ‘em in your face)
  • Punch you in the gut with how baby hamsters are starving and the northern white rhino is on its way to extinction and try to make you feel bad about that like it’s your fault (but I won’t, because… I think we’ve had enough for one day)

Instead, I'm just going to tell you this...

You have what you need. You’re so frickin’ close. 

Marketing is easy and fun, if you implement the easy and fun methods instead of the salesy and fluffy tactics.

You’re building a business in a VERY different world than your parents grew up in

(or that you yourself may have been brought up in!)

With all the the movements and changes taking place, you have an opportunity to change someone’s life… for real.

Join us, okay? It’s going to be fun. :) 


I’m a Giraffe breeder (or something else). Will this bootcamp work for me?

This is for you if:
You need to establish yourself as an authority in your field and set yourself apart from all the other people who do what you do

This is especially for you if:
You’re working a day job and know you should be dedicating more time to your business if you ever want it to take off (don’t lie -- you’re hiding and conveniently not prioritizing the growth of your business… it’s time to stop that and put first things FIRST)

This is NOT for you if:
You’re purposely taking things slow in your business and don’t intend to make any sales before July 2018.
You’re still figuring out if you’re a good coach and worth hiring. (You are, but it’s important to fully believe that for yourself before you dive into a program like this)

How much time will I have to dedicate to this bootcamp?

Snarky answer:

As much time as it takes to convince yourself you’ve taken ownership of what YOU can control as a blossoming business owner who spends her time implementing instead of talking about implementing.

But the REAL answer is:

Don’t ask another business owner how long you should spend growing your own business. :) If it’s important to you, you’ll find enough time. And if you don’t have enough time, you’ll find shortcuts and workarounds and you’ll get it all done because you WANT to get it done. 

How long is the contract?

This bootcamp is open to all RDBA members. The Real Deal Business academy is an ongoing, month-to-month membership. A 90 day commitment is recommended but not required. You can cancel your membership anytime 72 hours prior to your billing date. 

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