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Episode 1 – Spoiler Alert: Working For Yourself is Fantastic, Terrible and Still Worth It

Join the online community! TRANSCRIPT 0:00 Welcome to The Self-Employed Nerd! This show is designed for those of you out there who are at the decision crossroads of either living the rest of your life as a nine to fiver, or, as a stay at home parents. Let’s walk together through this crazy roller coaster […]

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The Worst Depression Episode of My Life: A Summary of How It Affected My Business

I spent the last six-ish months dealing with the worst depression of my life! If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, have a listen or keep reading! Click here to download the audio version You may know me from… Launch Audit The Group Guide 7 Step Easy Tech & Sales Tech VA mostly for […]

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Top 5 Facebook Group Mistakes (Part 5)

You made it! This is the FINAL Facebook Group Mistake in our 5-part series.Catching up?Click here for Mistake #1: The Number of Members Doesn’t matterMistake #2: Stepping into the Leadership RoleMistake #3: Batching Problems!Mistake #4: You’re doing it wrong? Maybe?Whether you’re trying to revive your fizzled Facebook group or you’re just trying to figure out […]

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