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Episode 9 – Visibility Struggles: How to Overcome Your Personal Obstacles and Get More Exposure For Your Business

In this episode, what to do if:

​You feel like you’re just not ready (not qualified, not experienced)
You still need to work on your branding before you get started
You’re not feeling it. You’re lacking motivation. Or you’re shy and don’t want to put yourself out there.
You’re not even sure where to post. Where should you spend your time?

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How to Be Self Employed for Dummies

 Wondering what it takes to be self-employed? Have you seen friends online sharing their rags to riches stories, and met people at company fundraisers who are business owners, working for themselves, and living it up? Maybe you’re thinking:I don’t have enough time to work a full-time job AND build a businessI have kids and a family […]

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Episode 8: Staying Visible + Comforting Thoughts for Raising Your Prices But Staying Accessible

Join the Visibility Challenge & Free Facebook Group: when you’re stuck in the struggleUpcoming Visibility ChallengeAnnouncement of a price increase if you’re considering working with meComforting words for those of you who want to remain accessible and don’t want to raise your pricesYou deserve to provide better for YOURSELF. So what if the rest […]

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