How to be Authentic and Vulnerable

June 20, 2017

Hey guys! Rochelle here.

I absolutely LOVE how so many of you have taken the leap into Facebook Live by participating in our challenges over in the group, Marketing Strategy for Tech-Challenged Solopreneurs.

There’s no avoiding it. LIVE video is where it’s at.

It’s real.

It’s authentic.

It’s vulnerable.

But more importantly…

It helps with SALES.

Here’s why:

Because people don’t buy out of support. Or because you’re pretty. Or because your dog is cute.

People buy because they CONNECT with you. They get attracted to your story. They love to see your REAL life, not the curated, photoshopped, edited version. THAT’S what sells your packages and gets you clients.

They buy from you because they like YOU. Even if you sell the exact same thing as 200 other coaches out there.

But… ya gotta work your way up to being completely vulnerable on the interwebz, right?

Where do you start? What if no one shows up? What if you make an idiot of yourself?

Start right here.

In my Facebook group, I’m asking my members to be brave and go live, following the prompts I post.

Some are fun. Some are deep.

(This one is DEEP.)

Valid from NOW until Thursday this week! (New prompt on Friday and Sat)

This one’s a doozy.

Go live in the group and tell us about a mistake you’ve made in your business in the past, and how it has HELPED you build the business you have today.

Then feel free to pitch your freebies, services, promos, and anything you want, at the end of the video.

“Whaaaaat!! Admit my mistakes?! Won’t that make me look like an idiot, and I already feel like a crazy fool going live on the internet without a revealing prompt like that?!”

Okay, hang on. Deep breath.

It can be anything.

The truth is that your ENTIRE life experience has been building you up to be able to follow your passion and present yourself with confidence to your clients through your work.

It doesn’t have to be huge and major. Just be real with yourself, and pick ONE mistake you’ve made when it comes to your business.

Here’s why I’m asking you to do this:

No one talks about mistakes. (Or if they do, it’s not until they’ve achieved some crazy intimidating 6 figure goal, and only THEN do they open up the curtain and admit what really happened behind the scenes.)


No one is perfect.

Everyone has made a mistake. Multiple.

And ALL OF YOU are even more experienced and qualified to do your job because of those mistakes.

In case this freaks you out…

Going LIVE to talk about your mistake will accomplish the following things:

1. It will help your AUTHENTICITY level. It will make you seem more human, and people buy from HUMANS, not robots.

2. It will force you to admit (and possibly forgive) a mistake you’ve made in the past that you’re not quite “over” yet.

3. It will help you HEAL from that mistake. And forgiveness and moving on are always good things.

4. It will allow you to give yourself MORE credit for all of your experience. Because ALL of it is valuable experience — even the stuff that sucked.

5. It will inspire someone else who is struggling with that “mistake” right now to embrace it and see how it will help them, eventually.

I know this isn’t easy, guys. But I know you can do it. This is a safe place to admit that you’re human, and I PROMISE it will build your credibility, not tarnish it.

Be open, be honest, and embrace every single piece of your life that has led up to this point.

Will I see you LIVE in the group?

I believe in you!


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