Gentle Momentum: A 90-Day Deep Dive with Rochelle

You're doing important work with your business. 

It's time to surround yourself with the support you need to grow it intentionally.

Does any of this sound familiar?

"I do want more for myself and my family, but I’m spread too thin, and I'm already exhausted."

"But this business is my dream job. Is it possible to make this my full time gig? (How can I make it happen? Am I allowed to do this for ME?)"

"I literally don't know how I'm going to pull this off, but I'm sure there's someone out there who can help me."

"...but I don't want to do it that way. It feels so salesy and inauthentic. It's not me."

What if you...

  • Knew exactly what needed to be done and in what order to move your business forward each day?
  • Could create a fun and flexible marketing plan (specific to your goals) that you actually looked forward to implementing; one you could adjust when life gets overwhelming?
  • Had someone to help you navigate the both the inner drama AND the back end operational stuff that comes with running an online business?
  • Had the 1:1 support and accountability you need to stay on track and take consistent action toward your goals?
  • Were connected to like-minded solopreneurs who are as serious about growing profitable and sustainable online businesses as you are?

Stop wasting your valuable energy and money:

  • downloading tons of freebies and watching one webinar after another
  • asking your kind and well-meaning (but inexperienced) Facebook friends for business advice
  • burning yourself out right as you start to build momentum
  • ... re-designing your logo (eep! yeah, I said it!)

You started your business and created your own career path from scratch.

If you can clearly see the impact you could make in the communities you care about and the life you could provide for (and live with!) your family, let's work together to design a business that matches that vision.

It's possible.

And you deserve to do what you love for a living.

Introducing... Gentle Momentum

the coaching, strategy, accountability, and community designed to help you reach your next level on your business journey. 

Gentle Momentum is so much more than coaching...

Most importantly, it’s a hybrid community + 1:1 mentorship designed for ambitious, change-oriented solopreneurs just like you. And here’s what you get when you sign up for this 90 day program:

  • Three private 60-minute 1:1 Intensives with Rochelle to help you quiet your inner drama, streamline your marketing strategy, stay on track, and troubleshoot any issues you run into as you implement.
  • A customized learning and implementation schedule to match your business goals and keep you on track with loving accountability
  • Access to weekly live VIP office hours and Q&A sessions to provide you with feedback on what’s working and what’s not, with actionable steps to move you forward.
  • Guidance via Rochelle's private project management system where you’ll be assigned weekly tasks with due dates to keep you on track
  • Direct access to Rochelle as your personal triple-threat side hustle strategist + business mentor + mindset coach via our private online discussion space (NOT on Facebook!) - an active community where you can ask questions, request feedback, and celebrate your wins!
  • The exclusive opportunity to continue your membership and keep the momentum going on a month-to-month basis

Meet Rochelle, the human behind Gentle Momentum

Hi, I’m Rochelle!

I’m a business and mindset coach for service-based solopreneurs.  I help you quiet your inner drama and build the right systems so you can show up consistently and authentically in your business.

With my real-life experience in quitting corporate, account management, online marketing, back end systems design, and -- subsequently --  a crushing load of mental health struggles and burnout (not to mention some massive student load debt for my very expensive architecture degree) to show for it, I understand what you've been through to get to this point.

And I know how much more complicated being an entrepreneur is than what we see on Instagram.

I bring to the table my years of done-for-you experience as a virtual assistant, project manager, account manager, operations manager, and a lifetime of being a human with a complicated life, just like you.

I'm a daughter of immigrants and caregiver for my adult autistic and developmentally disabled brother, so I know what it's like to be doing the best you can, given your circumstances.

As a woman of color, I’m passionate about being an ally and leader in this industry where there’s little representation for BIPOC.

I’m also fun, intuitive, crafty, and my friends tell me I’m brilliant (who am I to argue?) 

Let's work together to design and build the kind of business you really want.

What can we accomplish together in 90 days?

Every business is unique, so the journey we take together as business designers will depend on what YOU want to accomplish in 90 days. 

I'll bring my years of coaching, project management, VA experience, and -- dare I say -- magical vibes. You'll bring the big vision, a transformational offer to sell, and your passion and commitment for creating change.

And together we'll give your business the momentum it needs to accomplish your long term goals.

Here here are some ideas...

If you’re a coach with a busy speaking or workshop schedule, we could:

  • Establish a marketing & content production plan so that your followers and emails subscribers know where to find you and register in advance to work with you (you’ll be ahead of schedule, and responsible for simply showing up or talking about what you’re up to on social media)
  • Document a back-end administrative system for your existing VA team so that you don’t have to spend every day asking each person how their work is going (you’ll get notifications through your streamlined new process)
  • Create a digital product together (using your professional, proven teaching experience and my everything else) so you can make more income without adding more hours to your workweek
  • … and more!
  • If you’re a travel advisor who’s tied up in administrative stuff and losing time to support your clients who are on trips, we could:

    • Design an onboarding system that keeps track of prospects who ask for a quote, so you know which high-level leads are worth responding to and which ones should get a copied-and-pasted canned response with educational resources to help them clarify their request
    • Build a project management system so that you can hire team members to create itineraries, invoice clients, and oversee insurance and reservation confirmations for you
    • Systematize your onboarding process so it can be replicated, improved, outsourced, or re-assigned as your team grows
    • … and more!

    If you’re a done-for-you service provider and up to your eyeballs, working too many hands-on hours, we could:

  • Create a marketing plan to launch a passive income product so you can help more people without actually putting in MORE work hours
  • Find you an affordable VA who can take the mundane, administrative tasks off your plate and leave more room for your creative work
  • Set up email automations, triggers, and tags to take some of the manual work out, ensuring that new clients get all the information they need up front
  • ... and more!
  • What Some Nice People Have Said About Me

    (a.k.a. Testimonials)

    A screenshot of Catherine's Testimonial Rochelle has given me some straight-up self-talk, always honing in on the question you most need to ask yourself. She's singularly focused on helping you be the best for yourself. If you are struggling with your goals, talk to Rochelle and she'll help you find your north star and in the process, you gain an advocate and a friend.

    Join Gentle Momentum

    90-Day Gentle Momentum Program: $3,000.00 USD (Monthly payment plans available)

    Rochelle's services are available to open-minded, inclusive people. We believe in rights for the LGBTQIA+ and disabled communities, respecting transgender & non-binary pronouns, fighting against systemic racism, and that Black lives matter.