About Rochelle Sanchez

“Fabulously smart, sassy, and supportive.”

~ A client's actual description of Rochelle (fun, right?)

After graduating cum laude from The University of Oregon’s accredited architecture program, I excelled and flourished in many different roles: a Managerial Graphic Designer & Social Media Specialist for The Salvation Army and several Executive and Office Assistant positions in multiple California bay area companies, including a high-end construction firm in Napa (yes, that Napa).

I adapted well to all of my responsibilities, impressed a lot of people, solved plenty of problems, and was offered several opportunities to get promoted and climb the corporate ladder.

I quit 5+ jobs in 5 years, leaving a lot of impressed, grateful, and subsequently shocked, crushed, and — let’s face it — offended supervisors in my wake.


You need to be passionate about what you do every day. If you don’t, you’ll die from it.

Ooooo this innocent little "About Page" just got dark, didn’t it?

If you’re in corporate, you’re probably not as motivated by money and bonuses as your boss likes to assume.  

Even with the right paycheck, benefits, and coworker camaraderie, you can admit you’d be happier doing something OTHER than working those overtime hours.

If you’d be happier doing something else, then you should be doing THAT for a living.

And if you’re anything like the curious, creative, visionary changemakers I love working with, you’re working on it.

You may not want your boss to know, but something is stirring in you.

  • You’ve uncovered a secret talent for helping people transform. You’re great at what you do.
  • You crave the opportunity to inspire change in your community. You want to make a difference. 
  • You want financial freedom, or at least more time to spend with your family without worrying about what your manager will say about another request for time off.

You’re willing to build your dream business, however crazy it may seem right now while you’re juggling your family, job, finances, and entrepreneurial responsibilities at the same time.

I love working with passionate people who feel called to serve and know that NOW is the time to answer that call.

A lot of solopreneurs like yourself are exhausted and confused by too many salesy, and often, conflicting marketing strategies.

So I design easy-to-follow, step-by-step frameworks and give personalized guidance so that you can enjoy the process of growing your business (while realistically still managing your everyday life).

I’m an artist, zinester, business consultant, chronic strategist, pizza- and Disney-loving, aquarius rising introvert and a textbook Enneagram Type 2w3 so I'm never not thinking about how to help people.

Zero subscribers on your list?

Embarrassingly low views on your sales page and no clicks?

Stagnant cash flow even after implementing every module of that webinar that promised you the world?

No problem. I’ll teach you how to fix it. It's probably easier than you think.

You're onto something, friend. If you were looking for a sign, consider this it.

Keep going!