15 Tasks to Save 15 Hours with your First Virtual Assistant

Do you want to hire your first virtual assistant, but you’re not sure what you’d give them?

Or maybe you’re worried about how much it will cost and if it’ll be worth it?

You know that outsourcing is the key to freeing up more time so that you can SCALE your business. But how do you get started?

This PDF ebook will help you take your first baby steps in outsourcing to a VA!

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Here's what you get:

  • The Five Foundational areas of your business that suck up most of your creative energy
  • 15 specific tasks that will save yourself at LEAST 15 hours of time
  • Insights from a VA on what to STOP doing immediately (please)
  • How to calculate how many hours you need a VA for!
  • Tried-and-true HACKS I personally use in my own business when I outsource

15 Tasks to Save 15 Hours with Your First Virtual Assistant is for you if...

  • You’re not sure what you’d give a VA, if you had one
  • You want specific examples that are appropriate for someone just getting started with a VA
  • You worry about being able to afford the help you need, long-term
  • You’re curious about the ethics of outsourcing internationally at really low rates
  • You know you probably need to have some things in place first, but you’re not sure what, exactly
digital layout of cover with small page thumb nails, surrounded by call-out text that says formatted for mobile, beginner friendly, validated by an actual, experienced virtual assistant who has hired and fired subcontractors, 15 pages of real info, not fluff, what to outsource, what to stop diong, helpful tips and hacks
Rochelle is a light skinned asian woman with her hair pulled back, wearing glasses and smiling at the camera.

Hi! I'm Rochelle.

As a former virtual assistant (VA) turned business systems strategist, I've helped lots of folks in the transformational industries: life coaches, therapists, authors, thought leaders — you name it!

I've been in the weeds with you: setting up all the pieces for my clients AND for my own business.

And I put together this accessibly priced pdf to help you take your first baby steps in outsourcing to a VA.

After you purchase the eBook, you’ll also be sent a series of emails that cover:

  • Mindset tips to help ease the process of getting started
  • Insights from an experienced VA who is a woman of color and daughter of immigrants from the country a lot of industry leaders outsource to
  • Example workflows and habits in your business BEFORE you bring in a virtual assistant.

    … and more!


You’re no stranger to taking scary steps and stepping out of your comfort zone.

You’ve already proven that you have what it takes!

The work you do is making a difference, so give yourself permission to bring your business to the next level.  

Get started by taking your first baby steps, today!

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