Cute Gifts & Educational Resources for Solopreneurs

Taking overwhelming small business & marketing topics and making ‘em less intimidating (and more inclusive!)


The cover of a booklet sized zine, hand written and photo copied. The cover has the name of the zine on it.

It's a zine! A super simple, possibly even oversimplified, approach to sales funnels for small business owners (bc the struggle is REAL)

Less-Than-Stellar Launch Results: A Course on What The Heck Happened and How to Fix It for Next Time: A 3-Part Workbook + 3 Fully-Transcribed Audio Files

Cover art for Find Your Unicorn Virtual Assistant Swipe File

A virtual assistant job description swipe file that could save you hours in your search for the perfect VA!

Cover art for My Dream Business Workbook, by Rochelle Sanchez. Subtitle: A Compassionate Self-Coaching Guide to Marketing, Systems, and Goal Setting for Solopreneurs. Cute hand drawn font and clouds in gradients of blue, purple, green, and pink.

A Compassionate Self-Coaching Guide to Marketing, Systems, and Goal Setting for Solopreneurs

Gasp! Another zine! How to make a business plan for once and for all so you can move on with more important things, ya know?

Cover of PDF with title

Want to hire your first virtual assistant, but you’re not sure what you’d give them? This PDF ebook will help you take your first baby steps in outsourcing to a VA!

Rochelle Sanchez is an artist who uses her healthy obsession with entrepreneurship, light-hearted humor, and commitment to social change to help solopreneurs scale in a manageable and joyful way.

Listen to Rochelle's Podcast: Compassionate Side Hustle Strategy

Compassionate Side Hustle Strategy Podcast

Compassionate Side Hustle Strategy Podcast with Rochelle Sanchez

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Rochelle loves to work with open-minded, inclusive people. She believes in rights for the LGBTQIA+ and disabled communities, respecting transgender & non-binary pronouns, fighting against systemic racism, and that Black lives matter.